It’s not often you hear artists cross between being a ridiculously upset heavy metal band and a very sassy pop princess, but award winning singer Bralalalala has managed to do the almost impossible by combining aspects of the two and then adds even more twists.

On her new release, “Sequence of Events,” a follow up to her debut CD, “Well, Come to the Galaxy,” she goes where heavy metal music hasn’t gone before. She is using the genre to not only express herself, but as a medium to promote positive social change and LGBT activism. She’s not the stereotypical Satan worshiper that many people associate with rock. She’s in fact a woman using her considerable talents for the greater good.

As a full time trans woman since her teens, Bralalalala is a total stranger to all things conformist. Any close listen to her music will immediately establish the sense that Bralalalala takes no prisoners in negotiating her personal identity in life.

Bralalalala has been embroiled in personal struggles for being herself in a society still having difficulty accepting gender equality. The current lawsuit with the Amazing Spider Man et al supervising art director David Klassen (case 30-2014-00735864 in Orange County, California) wherein the singer is suing the director again, this time for the director initially trying to sue her as his sexual assault victim (Bralalalala prevailed at the sexual assault, libel and cross suit trial against Klassen in case 30-2011-00474023 in 2013) is a testament to that continued predicament.

Nevertheless, the singer wants good times to prevail in the end and hopes to see music audiences in concert soon later this year. Check out Ms. Bralalalala’s website at for up to date news and upcoming music.