Today marks another day in Rogue history that shows just how different Rogue Records America is than the normal record label / publisher in music today.

Snovonne, the Heavy Metal / Theatrical artist that gave us 2012’s The Nightmare Bride is kicking off her new album recording and new tour with an Indiegogo Campaign that has a LOT of great perks inside it.

As Sno put it herself “The one great thing about fundraising campaigns is that YOU, the listener, are no longer at the mercy of major channels that filter what you listen to by shoving it in your face repeatedly until you actually think you like it. Here, you choose what you like and you support it. When you support it, it’s going to happen. It’ll be all yours and made with love.”

The campaign will offer personal one off items as well as the album when its releases, vinyl versions of it, tees and the usual swag you’d get. Some really amazing items are the Personalized Paintings and the Baby Simon handmade teddies….by Snovonne herself no less.

Why the campaign?
It’s simple, in these times music is looked at as more of a gimmie with lots of people. Downloading and streaming isn’t profitable at all for the artist or the label. In the case of Snovonne, Rogue Records America wanted to find a way where out of pockets costs were marginalized so more royalties from sales would be paid out to her.

Campaigns help artists and publishers find their core audience, the core audience are the people who buy the albums, tees and what not and help keep the machine going. With a campaign, you not only get that direct to consumer feed but you also can shape the final product, get closer to the fans in a way you could not before and get some amazingly constructive feedback when you offer early listens.

“This is the way of the music future and we all know it” said Dean Martinetti owner of Rogue. “Slowly moving the middleman out so the artist has a direct connection with the fans and reducing the ROI needed so the artist gets more royalties and faster…is a win win for both artist and fan.”

Snovonne is on tour in Europe now and will be recording video and audio as well as reaching out to all who get involved in the campaign while she’s on the road.

You can join the campaign by clicking on the link below.