Singer-songwriter Brigitte Mena shared a live acoustic version of “Sun On My Back” off of her recently released album After The Storm. “This is a stripped-down, live acoustic version of the track you’ll hear on the album,” shares Brigitte on the new version of the track. “I actually first wrote this song on piano (which you’ll hear on this version), and once my bandmate Jake added his acoustic guitar and influence, it ended up having the original feel from when I first wrote it.”

Brigitte continues, “‘Sun on my Back’ is about taking a risk on someone knowing that it may not end in your favor. It’s about being fully invested in a relationship and believing that the potential pain that may occur ultimately has a purpose. I hope this song gives a new perspective of what it means to love someone wholeheartedly.”

Last week, Brigitte Mena released her third studio album After The Storm. The album features previously released singles “Mastermind”, “Honeybee”, and “Equally Human” alongside seven new tracks that delicately take listeners through the human experience. “After The Storm takes you on my personal journey of rediscovering myself and understanding love in many capacities including romantic, platonic, spiritual relationships, and even the bond with man’s best friend.”

Brigitte Mena was born to be a storyteller, and her vehicle is music. The singer-songwriter’s heartrending tunes tell raw, personal tales enveloped in atmospheric melodies. But the artist has her sights set on much more than producing pop rock tracks. Armed with her versatile voice, a pen and a penchant for crafting compelling songs, Mena strives to strike a chord with audiences and tell relevant, resonant stories.

Mena started crafting original music in high school, and founded her first rock band as a freshman at Southern Methodist University, where she studied Music and Psychology. Mena’s music studies helped her hone her craft, while her work in psychology gave her an avenue to explore her interest in human behavior. Instead of choosing one passion over the other, the artist decided to merge the two roads ahead of her. By using her talents as a musician, Mena shines a light on topics like behavior, mental health, relationships and identity.

Her debut album Maslow (2018) explored Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and heralded the arrival of a distinctive new talent, showing audiences across Texas what’s possible when talent meets a one-of-a-kind voice.

Mena released her sophomore album Element in 2020 and has released her third full-length album, After The Storm, in February 2024. While her bandmates, sound and style have evolved over the years, her resolve to tell powerful stories has remained.

SOURCE: Official Bio