Goldwood has today premiered his new collab video with Elijah Who called ‘Camp Lazlo’. A slick mix of lofi and hi-class, this lyrical juggernaut breaks all the rules before writing new ones for a genre that has stood the test of time by adding their names into the future history of rap, hip-hop, and music in general.

Accessible and excess-able all within the span of a few minutes, what more needs to be said when it’s said so eloquently with a few choice words. Undeniable just became more reliable.

About ‘Camp Lazlo’

Soon to be one of the hottest up and coming underground rappers (GOLDWOOD) connects with the king of Lofi beats (Elijah Who) to create a sonic masterpiece called Camp Lazlo. The eerie and spacey beat gives Goldwood room to provide clever bar after clever bar. When asked about the collaboration, Goldwood said “Me and Elijah Who collaborating is the best thing to happen to Lofi since Lofi girl”. With the single now at 10K streams on Spotify, the two are proud to share the music video which is now live on the Delivery Boys Youtube channel.

About Goldwood

Goldwood is a Brooklyn rapper and co-founder of hip-hop collective Delivery Boys. With over 10 years in the game Goldwood has made a name for himself with quick wit, humor, niche cultural references, and pure rhyming ability. He takes inspiration from all the way from MF DOOM to Chief Keef to Vampire Weekend – and the result is a sound that’s equal parts fresh, unique and familiar. Since 2021, he’s stayed extremely busy putting out many projects such as The Price Of Gold Just Went Up, DI$NEY 2 (with Max Gertler) and Confused By Computers (with YGB), and clearly has no intention of slowing down any time soon.