When the angelic voice of Rahel is gently dressed by the sounds of the atypical guitar of JayC, This gives Calamity Jay. An unexpected meeting where the mixture of musical influences different by the style and the time lead to this original Melting-Pot of Folk-Blues-Indie-Pop which will become the musical signature of the Duo.

If there’s one famous song that sums up the complicity of the 2 members of the Duo, it’s “Soulshine”, originally released by Allmann Brothers Band and recently sung by Beth Hart.

This leads to the release of the first original song “White Flowers” in March 2023 soon followed by a 2nd track “From the Outside” where Rahel’s inspiration is more present.

“White Flowers” have been promoted “Song of The Month” on Mixposure.com in May 2023 and reaches #1 on the TOP 200 on HUGS RADIO New Oxford Pennsylvania in July 2023.

Then we release our 3rd single “Gatecrasher”. A new register explored for this 3rd track from our forthcoming EP … not a ballad, but a more rhythmic track. Still with Folk accents, but also more Bluesy sounds in Rahel’s vocals and JayC’s guitar interventions … “IndieFolkyBluesy” 😉 … perhaps a new style … ?

The lyrics also have a less nostalgic feel, flirting with a slightly grating sense of humour at times, and asking the question of whether the “troubles” we endure throughout our lives are the result of our own or due to the will to harm of an impalpable entity … The “Gatecrasher” …

The three tracks were produced in the band’s personal studio and are available on all online platforms for now, but will be part of our forthcoming debut EP for late 2023, ideally just before Christmas. Calamity Jay is Rahel Rosenwald (Lead Vocal,Songwriting) & JayC Be (All Guitars,Backing Vocal,Songwriting).

All Songs of Calamity Jay are made with our heart, We hope they are heard with yours.

SOURCE: Official Bio