Rising 13-year-old songwriter and performer Piper Connolly has released her first single, “twisted play,” a song about breaking free from an identity forced upon you and becoming the real you. Connolly shines as a promising newcomer, effortlessly fusing rock and pop to create an enticing soundscape that captivates listeners. “twisted play” is available to stream and download on all digital platforms.

“twisted play” is a song about separating from society’s confines and reveling in who you are inside. “I wrote this at a time when I was feeling really “stuck,” musically, being someone I wasn’t, just to make others happy,” Connolly reveals. “It had started to really mess with my mental health, and I decided that I wouldn’t do it anymore. I need to be true to myself, musically, however that shows up. ‘twisted play’ is that declaration.” The song carries a moving message of freedom and self-discovery, encouraging listeners to embrace their identities. With its passionate melody and empowering lyrics, it tells a story of escaping from norms and daring to be authentic. The powerful vocals express a longing for expression, turning the music into a symbol of individuality and liberation. Beyond a bop, the song serves as an inspiration for those seeking to reject conformity and live authentically. Piper Connolly collaborated with producer Marvin Fockens to create the track.

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Piper Connolly is a brave creative in alt-pop who combines a vibrant blend of introspection and sonic exploration. Connolly’s sound has been compared to industry legends like Avril Lavigne and Paramore, with her sound described as “Adderall-laden cotton candy” that captures an essence that radiates well beyond her youthful age. Incorporating aspects of both old and new, rock and pop seamlessly through her work, Connolly takes us on a thrilling ride of musicality. Her music, deeply rooted in early rock ‘n’ roll, 90s grunge, and ska, and subtly infused with R&B and soul elements, mirrors the raw feelings born from the diverse experiences of her lifetime. On stage, she entices crowds with her irresistible aura; the energy behind this charisma is built up over years of performing on stage and in front of cameras as an actress. Beyond mere songwriting, she advocates for authenticity and self-expression, making her an example for other people looking for inspiration in this world that craves genuine voices and connection.

About Piper Connolly

In the realm of alt-pop, Piper Connolly emerges as a fierce innovator, her music a vibrant mélange of introspection and sonic exploration. Hailing from the arid deserts of Phoenix, Arizona, Piper’s journey began with a passion for the unconventional and a determination to forge her own path.

“Adderall-laden cotton candy” is how one industry insider described her sound- and they’re not wrong.

Comparisons to industry icons like Avril Lavigne and Paramore underscore the appeal of Piper’s sound. With her “unique voice cutting through the noise of today’s ‘lazy whisper range’ popular music scene”, Piper emerges as a standout new artist that seamlessly blends elements of rock and pop, new and old, inviting listeners on an enjoyable musical tumble.

From a very young age, Piper found solace and expression in songwriting, her compositions reflecting the raw emotions of life’s complexities and newfound experiences. Drawing inspiration from all manner of music, from early rock and roll, and jazz, to 90s grunge and ska with a steady undercurrent of R&B and soul, she’s worked to hone a sound that defies blunt categorization, blending elements of indie songwriting, alternative and pop into a storied sonic landscape.

Onstage, Piper commands attention with a magnetic presence and an infectious energy honed over years of live performance. From intimate club settings to expansive festival stages, she captivates audiences with her dynamic performances.

Beyond her music, Piper is a vocal advocate for authenticity and self-expression, using her platform to champion individuality and empowerment. As she explores the boundaries of alt-pop, she continues to inspire others to embrace their true selves through her music and activism, serving as a beacon of creativity and authenticity in a world hungry for genuine voices and connection.

SOURCE: Official Bio