Calumet has released their new video for the track titled ‘Love Games’. Suave meets smooth with a touch of indie class, Calumet show their stage side with a retro styled track that has that classic sound with a modern feel.

This is a band that long ago earned their wings. Having recently done an interview with them, I’ve learned that some bands just organically become what they become, and Calumet is on an ever-‘evolutioning’ road to original music with soul that harks back while looking ahead. Sometimes dues don’t have to be paid, because they’re earned.

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About Calumet

Calumet has a classic funk and soul sound. Forming in 2001 in Phoenix, Arizona, and having a large presence there, Calumet has played shows with Kool & the Gang, Al Green and George Benson.

Calumet is Eric Mobley (vocal, keyboards, guitar), Jason Mitchell (bass, guitar, vocal), Julian Mitchell (drums, vocal), Kendall Davis (vocal), Michelle Worley (vocal), Larry Brodie (sax), and David Moore (sax, flute).

The band has been locked into a productive period of writing and recording for the past year, which they expect to continue for the rest of 2024. New singles are being released every month, featuring their fusion of funk, rock, and soul with big vocal hooks and a pop song writing sensibility.