Cayo Coco has released his new single titled ‘Ghosts Talk’, the second track from his upcoming album. Hauntingly vivid with a message for all, ‘Ghosts Talk’ is one of those songs you can get lost in.

Autobiographical and easy to relate to, the track glides smoothly along that plane of existence between introversion and epiphany.

About Cayo Coco

Cayo Coco is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist and producer, Lumen Loraine. Originally from Indiana, the now LA based artist uses his work to share stories of healing and inner exploration. With overall themes of hope and wonder threaded throughout everything he creates, Lumen explains that the process of music for him is a celebration of joy.

Following the release of “Gently, Dreamer,” Cayo Coco drops “Ghosts Talk,” the second track from his upcoming album, which details the inner work he has been doing over the past two years. Described as his favorite song on the album, “Ghosts Talk” details the story of someone who feels unheard/unseen. The angle of the lyrics are as if from a narrator who can see their suffering and provide a gentle yet honest observation. Lumen shares, “No one knows how to talk to someone who is hiding. If we isolate ourselves from others and life, we will only go further and further into the illusion of separateness.”

Sonically, “Ghosts Talk” is a mellow and tranquil tune, emanating nature sounds and soft, subtle plucking guitars. The songwriter adds, “Part of me felt like this song was also written about spirit guides. My angels are constantly chatting with me, but it took me a long time to understand the nuances of their language. Once I started to tune in, I realized that “ghosts” do in fact talk and the ones assigned to us are here to help us heal and navigate our earthly lessons. I hope this song creates a space for listeners to feel seen, guided, and loved by both the physical & the invisible.

Cayo Coco has garnered millions of streams for his music to date, landing support from Spotify editorial playlists and has also been featured on Pharrell’s Apple Music podcast, OTHERtone. Hoping that his music encourages people to look inside, he explains that going within is a beautiful, worthwhile adventure and urges listeners to join him on this magical journey.