Chloey Rose has released her new single titled ‘Shot You Down’. This is one of those songs that, I feel, may have been written around the original vocals of the artist, even if not written by the artist. Chloey has that subtle style, vocally, all her own, and it works. Totally works.

‘Shot You Down’ is a slightly somber feeling in the gut in the midst of an aftermath. An event. Not a dark soliloquy, but an awakening. A rebirth.

Musically, there is a feeling of a phoenix level rebirth and moving on with the song guiding you as a score to the next chapter of your life. Live it.

About Chloey Rose

Delivering powerful pop songs with a theatrical twist, Chloey Rose has been captivating audiences at major venues up and down the UK and in Europe with her dramatic, soaring vocals that have attracted comparisons to Adele and Paloma Faith.

Drawing inspiration from Kate Bush and Taylor Swift, Chloey has just released brand new single ‘Shot You Down’, an edgy pop ballad full of dark sounds that could become the theme tune for the next James Bond Movie.

‘Shot You Down’ follows the story of being in an unhealthy relationship and the strength it can take to walk away. Written by Chloey Rose and produced by Aron Bicskey, the track builds from smoky late night piano atmospheres to become a powerful anthem for getting up again once you’ve been cut down, with a nod to Nancy Sinatra’s classic track ‘Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)’.

As a songwriter, Rose’s debut single ‘Golden Dreams’ was released in 2016, followed by a string of singles including ‘Hearts On The Line’, which was named Track Of The Week on BBC Radio Lincolnshire and A Best Track of 2021. Not only, a talented singer-songwriter, Rose was a finalist in Miss Lincolnshire in 2018/19 and has also been cutting her acting chops, with the leading role as Ruth Ellis in ‘The Thrill of Love’ and as Leading lady Nina in the BBC’s ‘First World War Musical Show’, amongst numerous other stage and TV appearances.

The video for ‘Shot You Down’ (to be unveiled in the coming weeks) sees Chloey on neon-lit streets in the twilight hours as she searches for answers. The track weaves its hypnotic repeating refrains around her, growing and growing with intensity as she works through her emotions. “I’ll paint your name all over this town”, Chloey sings in this epically woven ballad which combines big production values with raw feelings to really work its way under the listener’s skin.