Artist, songwriter and producer, The Fur is making waves in the music industry with his unique sound and compelling musical journey. Hailing from a land known for producing iconic musical sensations like Zara Larsson, ABBA, and Avicii, The Fur embraces his Swedish heritage and infuses it with his own creative flair, always collaborating with other like minded artists to further fuse his ultra pop sound.

Thousands of listeners have already discovered the music of The Fur, who has gathered millions of streams from around the world since his debut in June 2021. But until now, the actual sender behind the stage name has been a well-kept secret. Two years in, it’s time to make the story a more personal one.

The euphoric journey for this renowned mysterious artist continues, with the first instalment from his highly anticipated debut album ‘We’re Going Under’ encapsulating everything The Fur represents. This song seems to uncover more about who this artist is, and that’s a hugely talented songwriter and producer with a love for pop music. This synth driven and fun-filled offering is immediately enticing and exciting, with featured artist Yvo’s (Yvonne Dahlbom) vocals shining through.

Also a fellow Swedish artist, the connection and chemistry between the pair is instantaneous, in what is a simply brilliantly written pop song with so much to latch onto. Through experimentation with melodies and lyrics, the two musicians discovered a common theme centred around breakups that leave individuals feeling happier than ever before.

It’s clear that ‘We’re Going Under’ is yet another insight into this multifaceted and eclectic artist, with the likes of Matthiah Byland, producer of industry titan Max Martin, being involved in production on this track. The song is Coldplay inspired with the delicate piano intro, which then turns into a highly energetic and enjoyable synth pop track that will appeal once again to the masses. The saxophone solo is performed by none other than Wojtek Goral, who featured on The Weeknd’s ‘In Your Eyes’, adding a further sprinkling of magic to proceedings.

This feeling is so beautifully implemented by The Fur in the uplifting and high tempo tone, with the plethora of high octane synths and rhythms making this song an instant modern day pop hit.

SOURCE: Official Bio