Christina Jewell has released her new video for the track titled ‘Freaky’ via Hermit Poems. Dark and brooding with that essence of pop and rock to give it a mainstream flair, ‘Freaky’ is a lyricist’s dream and a musicians lucid soundscape. This is emotion as an outlet.

About Christina Jewell

Christina Jewell, a multi-talented artist hailing from Toronto, Canada, is recognized as a singer-songwriter, actor, and model. Influenced by the likes of Lana Del Rey, Sigrid, and Taylor Swift, Christina captivates her audience with her smooth vocals, dreamy synths, and impeccable production. With successful singles like ‘Moonlight’, ‘Angel’, ‘Ain’t no Supermodel’, ‘Hallelujah’, and ‘Snow’, Christina has established a remarkable music portfolio, with her hit song ‘Runaway’ securing a spot in the Top 20 on Web3.

Not only a musical talent, but Christina is also a creative visionary, often taking charge of writing and directing her music videos. Her ambition is to make a lasting impact on the global indie music scene with her aesthetically pleasing indie-pop style.