Mamma Freedom has released their new single titled ‘Seren’. Almost a mix of Disco, electropop, soul, and the makings of a Bond Soundtrack, Mamma Freedom clearly show the freedom to do what they want and do it brilliantly. Radio friendly with that warning that something cool is about to happen should you press play, ‘Seren’ takes the reigns and makes you a fan in a spectacular way.

About Mamma Freedom

Manchester’s Mamma Freedom release their new single ‘Seren’ on October 27th. The band return after 2020’s ‘Anthems for an Empire’ with a brand new sound which sees Alexander Johnston take the lead vocal and the group deliver a joyous Electro Soul fusion giving it a real uplifting feel about passion and forbidden love.

‘Seren’ tells the story of two lovers who meet on a sun drenched island but can only be together at night. They spend the end of their evenings lying on a beach looking up at the stars. On the final night, knowing they will never see each other again, she tells him that the star they have been looking at every night will be their star and every time he looks up it will remind him of her. She is his ‘Seren’ (Celtic for Star).

Alex explains “J and myself had been writing a lot, both for Mamma Freedom and other clients and I’d written these 2 songs and finished the lyrics and melody which I don’t usually do. One was ‘Seren’ one was ‘Athena’. I played them both to J with the intention of him singing them both but he heard ‘Seren’ and said that I should sing it because it really suited my voice. So then naturally I had the same Don Henley / Don Felder ‘Hotel California’ scenario run through my head of when Felder wanted to sing it Glen Frey said, “you don’t sing it yourself when you have Don Henley in the band,’ After the release of their second album ‘The Voodoo Suite Session Vol I’, the band embarked on a 30 date UK tour supporting Soul legend Alexander O’Neal in 2017/18

The band hit it off that well with O’Neal that they went on to re-record and re-arrange million selling album Hearsay 30 for the 30 year anniversary and then wrote and recorded his brand new album ‘Testament’ which is out next year.

They spent all of 2018-20 in the studio and in that time wrote and recorded music with Damon Albarn, Robbie Williams, Rudimental, Wiley and CASisDEAD before they set to work on their 3rd album, the stunning ‘Anthem for an Empire’ and they are finishing up the as yet untitled 4th album that is due for release next year.