Indie songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Christopher Reyne emerges from a decade-long hiatus with his new single, “Orbit,” a poignant reflection on the fleeting passage of time and embracing the beauty of growing older. This captivating track marks the first of several carefully crafted releases planned for 2023, showcasing Reyne’s distinctive sound that effortlessly blends freshness with familiarity. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Death Cab for Cutie, The Shins, and Elliott Smith, Reyne has honed a unique musical style that resonates deeply with his listeners.

Born and raised in suburban New England, Reyne was involved with a variety of musical projects throughout his teens and early twenties. Facing a series of challenging events, including a debilitating medical condition and a stint on a reality television show, Reyne made the decision to step away from music in 2014. Seeking solace in a quaint town nestled along the picturesque Oregon Coast, he took a job as a bartender, and eventually moved back to Portland to pursue a career in the booming beer industry of the Pacific Northwest. However, the pandemic and a sense of uncertainty propelled him to sell his material possessions, cram what he could into a U-Haul container, and relocate to a city he’d vowed never to live in to once again return to his main passion. “In some ways, I just felt unfulfilled,” Reyne admits. “I realized that a big part of fulfillment for me is being able to write and play music that resonates with people.”

The forthcoming collection of songs, conceived during an immersive week-long writing retreat, has come to life in his humble Los Angeles home studio throughout 2022. This body of work not only showcases his wide range of talents but also features appearances by esteemed artists such as string player Cynthia Tolson (MUNA, King Princess), harpist Mikaela Davis (Kill Rock Stars), vocalist Al Menne, and renowned thereminist Armen Ra. “Orbit,” performed entirely by Reyne, was fittingly released on his birthday and is now available on all streaming platforms. His second single “More Than This,” released on July 31st, offers an honest exploration of the detrimental effects of social media on our mental health.

SOURCE: Official Bio