Neon Sines is an artistic collaboration built out of the Factory Underground Studio in Norwalk CT. A side effect, initiated originally by Songwriter/keyboardist Evan Murphy from Similar Kind and Producer/Songwriter Kenny Cash (Similar Kind, Goose, Che-Val) Neon Sines blends styles to create a blend of Synth pop. Once getting started, Evan And Kenny then enlisted other singers, songwriters, and artists from the Factory’s talent pool to bring the project to life.

Anyone from the Engineer, Tom Stewart (Jose Feliciano, Brian Mcknight), Ben Mcnamara (Gtr, Songwriter for Similar Kind), Laura Cash (Vocal’s/Songwiter for Che-Val) to Art director/Visual artist Guzman Gonzalez have become part of the project. After Landing A licensing deal with Atrium music, Neon Sines decided to release some music and began collaborating with other voices that they were inspired by. Their debut release, “Guilty Pleasure,” features artist, Fasone on vocals.

SOURCE: Official Bio