Cindy Sterling has released her debut album titled ‘Roxbury Romance’. At that initial listen, it’s actually hard to believe that this is a debut album. The songs sound way beyond her years. Maybe I’m a little jaded listening to music sent to me all day, but this really stands out. As I listen on Spotify right now, I feel an enjoyment listening to these tracks. They have a signature style about them. I honestly can’t tell which is the lead single at the moment, but any one of these tracks could be.

Right now, the playlist is playing ‘Hideaway’. I started at track one and I’ve been somewhat glued ever since. There is a differential feeling in the emotion of each track, almost like chapters of a story. These are the types of albums that come from good songwriters. The kind that capture your attention, the recapture, repeat.

About ‘Roxbury Romance’

Roxbury Romance is based on Sterling’s journey of learning the true emotions of her inner self while drawing on the pertinent memories of past lovers. The album spans Cindy Sterling’s longest relationship of her life which lasted about 5 years, where they traveled the world together, got a home together, and built a business and life together while she was still learning about herself and coming into her own and her life’s purpose – while also diving into the innocent love that existed in the simpler year she visits in her memory that captures the feelings of teenage nostalgia, which is also featured in a popular song of hers on the album.

Sterling uncovers how beautiful those memories were and how they impacted her life and character, and helped her draw conclusions as to what she was longing for and desiring while also appreciating the love she had while also learning how to grow and let it go as she was continuing to evolve as a person.

In the album, Cindy Sterling eludes to the topics of heartache, fantasy, desire, despair, separation, sadness, and guilt, then even admits to her part in maybe even loving some of the toxicity and taking ownership of her part in any mistakes made along the way.

Sterling wrote the title song ‘Roxbury Romance’ in her Beverly Hills home, and re-visited it in her West Hollywood home as she was continuing to learn more about herself, as she continued to piece together the album. Sterling used melancholy walks with her dog nestled between Roxbury & Benedict Canyon and songwriting as outlets to process her emotions on her past relationships. Sterling reflects that “while on these walks and with writing, I discovered the way I actually felt about deeper things I needed to heal. My music was a subconscious reflection of things I felt but never knew how to put into words until I put it into music.”

“Roxbury Romance” was written as Sterling started to better understand her feelings before, during, and after the longest relationship of her life, to which the couple almost got engaged, and while she loved the person, felt she still needed to grow. The common theme underlying the songs in the album is relatable to those with a goal so big they feel like they are ignoring in passing while knowing what they still need to accomplish in life, which causes the person to unknowingly become the runner in relationships, as they move forward in the direction of chasing their dreams.

Cindy Sterling’s music is a love letter to those chasing their dreams, those who are heartbroken and healing, as well as those still learning about who they are, actively searching for the answers.

The indie-pop album is described by Sterling as “almost like a love letter, a break-up letter, and a letter to myself understanding how to love my life, cherish past memories, look forward to the what if of the future, and learn to embrace the unknown and move on, and most importantly look out for my own mental health and love myself.” Sterling also says “This album is my first ever and extremely important to me as it was an era of learning how to put my feelings for myself first & leave a very privileged situation, to which I did not grow up with, to become the best, most authentic version of myself.”

About Cindy Sterling

Born and Raised in Los Angeles, CA, to divorced parents, Cindy Sterling found comfort in listening to music and discovering new artists as a way to cope with feelings she did not know how to speak about. Through this comfort, she began songwriting, playing guitar, piano, and singing. While Cindy Sterling also grew up acting, her biggest passion has always been to create & distribute music.

With influence from artists such as Lana Del Rey, Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, Nessa Barrett, Clairo, Girl in Red, Dominic Fike, Blackbear & Halsey. Sterling is creating an indie pop sound for herself like nothing ever heard before. Emerging from this chapter of her life which encompasses so much heartache, she is set to release her next single “Shut My Eyes” following the album, which dives into a different genre of Dance Pop, DarkPop, and Synthwave, which the energy of her music shifts as she breaks out of an era of deep confusion and despair and reclaims her power and herself back, emerging with a new energy of sound.

“Shut My Eyes” was exclusively premiered at Cindy Sterling’s first performance in Houston, Texas – hosted by New York record label United Masters & Bulliet Whiskey.