Palace Of The King has today released their new album titled ‘Friends In Low Places’ via Reckless Records. Raucous rebellion fueled by the drive for sheer originality, Australian rock is infused with blues and classic-styled guitar riffs done in such a way that you can’t but want them in front of you playing at a stadium next summer.

The guitars are the first thing that catch you ears. the slide work alone is worth a listen. But infuse that with a solid mix of keys and some of the most solid vocal work I’ve heard in years and you get that magic that only comes a few times every decade.

About Palace Of The King

Palace of the King is an Australian rock band known for their high-octane performances and a unique blend of classic and modern rock influences. With a string of acclaimed releases and a reputation for captivating live shows, the band has firmly established themselves as one of the country’s most exciting rock acts.

The band has marked the end of a triumphant decade filled with multiple European tours as headliners and guests with the mighty Airbourne, three visits to the USA, and relentless touring across Australia as headliners and alongside iconic acts such as Rose Tattoo, The Angels, The Screaming Jets, Baby Animals, Tea Party, Endless Boogie, Kingswood, Quireboys, and many more. Their journey also boasts the release of two EPs, three albums, a live EP (‘Live In Epana’), and a string of powerful singles, including collaborations with Rusty Brown of Electric Mary (‘Space Truckin’), Mahalia Barnes (‘Black Cloud’), and Angry Anderson of Rose Tattoo (‘Legalise’). Now, the band unveils their latest offering, the eagerly awaited album ‘Friends In Low Places,’ released through Reckless Records on December 14.

Packed with powerful riffs, fuzz-filled hooks, and blazing performances, Palace Of The King reaffirms their position as a formidable musical unit of musicians, performers, and songwriters. ‘Friends In Low Places’ showcases everything from head-banging riff monsters like ‘Tear It Down’ and ‘Children Of The Evolution’ to soulful grooves on ‘Down On Your Luck,’ ‘Get Right With Your Maker,’ and ‘A Run For Your Money.’ The album also introduces new elements with fuzz monsters like ‘Dead End Blues’ and the angular ‘I’m Sorry Blues,’ bravely propelling the band into the future.

Then, just when you thought you couldn’t ask for any more from a greatly sculpted new rock album, the title track ‘Friends In Low Places’ hits the listener over the head like an early era Tatts/Guns and Roses track, and the intense ‘Tell It Like It Is,’ demands you do just that. There’s also the classic early era POTK sounding ‘One Of These Days.’ Many of these tracks earned nominations as ‘Tracks of The Week’ by Classic Rock Magazine.

Production on the album has been masterfully handled by Tim Henwood at Medici and Beachside studios with mix duties being nailed perfectly by long time collaborator Ricki Rae at Lighthill Studios with the exception of Steve James (The Screaming Jets) taking care of mix duties on ‘Tear It Down’, Rick Will (Hunter & Collectors/Incubus) on ‘Get Right With Your Maker’, Jonathon Burnside (The Living End/Grinspoon/The Sleepy Jackson) on ‘Tell It Like It Is’ and Henwood himself mixing ‘One Of These Days’.

With so much pure energy, excitement and class pouring from the speakers all I can say is you need to hear this album.