Coco Bevan has today released her new single titled ‘Bruised Ego’. Energetic from the start and bombastic throughout, ‘Bruised Ego’ pulls no punches and lands on it’s feet with a gritty pop song that delves into rock and crashes through the ego.

Filling the void between pop and rock, Coco is an artist that is making it on her own terms and taking her career to the next level with each single.

About Coco Bevan

Coco Bevan is the self-proclaimed Pop Princess of Sydney, a rising artist who aims to bring striking authenticity and unfiltered joy to the table.

Emerging from a trained musical theater background, Coco’s artistic upbringing spans from dancing to acting, making her a natural-born performer who found confidence and self-assurance in front of an audience from a young age. Her evolution into singing and songwriting spawned from a personal self-discovery journey during the pandemic, which had her turning her life around to pursue music. Coco has been crafting her sound ever since then: writing and recording demos, and uploading covers, she released her debut single “Rebel Soul” in July 2022. She has spent the past three months in Los Angeles, working with producers and creating new music which puts creative collaboration at its core.

Her energetic, uplifting sound is inspired by early 2000s pop icons; Coco describes her own signature genre of music as ‘girly electro pop’, focused on telling stories and blending genres between pop and electronic music. Committed to being unapologetically herself, Coco writes and performs music about love, heartbreak, life experiences, and oversharing – characterizing her emotions in a curated, eclectic chaos that speaks deeply to the euphoria and anxieties of being a young, emotional person.

Coco’s latest release “Bruised Ego” is a post-heartbreak anthem with catchy lyrics made to scream along to, releasing anger through the relatable experiences of dating a self-entitled person. The song is inspired by Coco’s own intense relationships, paired with her friends’ experiences with heartbreak, disappointment and revenge. In “Bruised Ego”, Coco brings together quintessentially electro-pop sounds with the drama and theatrics of vendetta, violins and voicemails – a trifecta that reflects her extravagant personality.

Coco’s glittery, bubbly and multi-faceted personality extends beyond singing, as she shares snippets of her life through day-in-the-life vlogs, her extravagant fashion, and has branched out into DJing at nightlife events. Coco Bevan is redefining what it means to be a cool girl – she was born to be in the spotlight, and to make music able to express her personality and emotions in all forms.