Coumarin has today released his new video for the track titled ‘Undertow’. A heavy mix of synth and rock, we get an immersion into the music from the heart. Chronicling that last breath of a dying relationship, the song becomes a sad score for all of us in the know. Lyrics that hit home with that slow and subtle tear in the eye from the pain we hold inside, ‘Undertow’ add solace and serenity with a musical documentation from someone who has been there.

The video shows us that quiet time of reflection that we all have had. Reflection that turns into realization and hopefully, that epiphany to move on and move up. Much left for interpretation with the video, but we all get it. And that is what true art does. Relate.

About ‘Undertow’

‘Undertow’ is a gorgeously, understated production, weaving introverted, emotive melodies with his own bracingly original songwriting. Coumarin says: “‘Undertow’ has been a very special song for me from the moment I conceived its first musical motifs a few years ago. It is about having to let go of someone when it is palpable that the end of the road has been reached in a relationship. The acceptance of it and the changes that come with a realization like that is the essence of ‘Undertow’.

The track was also created with a lyrical meta level in mind, which I will leave to the listener to explore. When the last piece of the puzzle (a long searched-for lyrical passage) finally fell into place it was an incredibly exciting and overwhelming moment for me, practically ending a multi-year songwriting process. In ‘Undertow’, the feeling of being stuck in certain patterns of life in general and not being able to escape these tenets of reality is something that I feel everyone has to struggle with at at least one point in their lives, especially in times like these.”

About Coumarin

Coumarin is the music project of German singer and songwriter Andre Westerholt. Marriage of meaning and aesthetics is one of Coumarin’s major principles, guiding him to his most vital artistic focal point: honesty. While treading the grounds of pop music, Coumarin has already uncovered different and unique nuances within his style in his first few releases.

His series of stand-alone singles showcases genre-defying songs – from the new wave inspired ‘Make It Right’, the anthemic ‘Godspeed’ to the roaring ‘Undertow’ and beyond. Coumarin has crafted a space for himself with category-resistant music and a growing catalog in his attempt to elevate the form while staying true to his musical ancestry.