Colin Manson releases captivating Debut Single ‘Where We Started’. This song is a call for us to return to a child-like state of wonder. To let go of the judgments and opinions of the mind, which can weigh us down with self-doubt and criticism. This song urges us to return to our original boundless mind and embrace our playfulness and innocence.

The song reflects Colin’s idyllic childhood, growing up in a beautiful rural village on the West Coast of Scotland. The lyrics echo his journey of leaving home for many years and the feeling of returning home to the peaceful place where he spent his childhood.

“Colin is a dedicated singer-songwriter with a raw talent and a voice beyond his years. His music comes from deep within and is delivered with a warmth that is both evocative and majestic.

Colin writes in a classic style that echoes traditional folk songs, telling 1st hand stories of his travels on the sea and his relationship with nature. Along with a voice that is a pleasure to record, Colin is a gifted guitar player and performer who is eager to capture his songs in the best way possible and in turn share them with the world.

With a good body of songs in development and some ready to record, Colin has drive and a clear vision. I am excited to see his work grow.” – Chris Bond, Platinum award-winning, Mercury nominated producer, writer, and instrumentalist.

Born and raised on the rural West Coast of Scotland, Colin Manson is a Singer-Songwriter who spent three years on sailing voyages across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Colin’s music combines indie and folk, with intricate patterns of finger-picking on guitar, and luscious cello harmonies. His thought-provoking, introspective lyrics are inspired by nature, philosophy and the sea, many songs being written and conceived on his sailing voyages.

Colin’s music resonates deeply with a peaceful and soul searching quality. His love for nature comes through in his voice, showing a passion for truth which echoes through his lyrics. As the songs unfurl you travel through the vast landscapes of his words; each melody carefully wisps you into a dreamy space. Touching, calming and full of emotion.

SOURCE: Official Bio