Comet has today released their new EP titled ‘Two-Winged’. Washed in a sea of beautiful noise and dissonance, ‘Two-Winged’ is a multi-faceted piece of dirt and dystopia that glides along like a seamless concept as much as an EP.

Hints of metal and dashes of classic alt-rock, Comet give a preview of their live show in all of it’s glory and let you pick that favorite track and let that selection change by the minute. This is music as a lifestyle.

About Comet

Beginning as a side project for Comet Candler to explore darker and heavier sounds away from her other band Girlfiend, the solo project Comet “became a band by accident” when she found that playing live solo with just a guitar and backing track was limiting for her performances. She quickly assembled a group of musicians – whom she affectionately refers to as “the boys” – to help her play these songs live, but throughout the recording process the band became a proper collaboration as they wrote additional parts to help flesh out a series of intimate demos into a more propulsive, live-wire sound.

With initial demos of vocals and guitars recorded between Los Angeles and Brooklyn – the rest of the instrumentation was recorded at Flux Studios in the East Village, engineered by Grant Lepping and Bailey Kislak (aside from “One”, which was recorded at Richard Orofino’s apartment and produced by him). Besides the singles – which lead off the EP’s first two tracks – the rest of Two-Winged goes deeper and darker, from the sensual Deftones-y slow burner “Bunny” to the grunge via nu-metal banger “Velvet Lined Panic Room”.

Describing her admittedly cliche adoration of Courtney Love, Comet says “I’m inspired by a million artists but hearing Hole for the first time as a kid gave me a huge pit in my stomach like ‘I’m gonna have to do this and be a part of this, I can’t die without adding to the noise’”. 90s alt rock plays a crucial influence on the sound of Comet, but the project pushes past nostalgic re-hashing of grunge by drawing elements from a more modern lineage of dark and experimental artists like Dean Blunt and Nicole Dollanganger as well as the thrashing aggression and open-wound expression of Nu-metal acts like Korn and Slipknot. The results on Two Winged play out as a series of violent fantasies, expressions of helplessness, and cathartic expressions of rage – all building to the stunning closer “Sugar-Filled”, a crucial grace note at the end of the carnage.