1. Comet Celeb Car Crash 3:38

In unsuspecting times, October 2019, we had gutted the concept of this perennial state of alienation, both from society and from the music industry, and developed a sense of “Intellectual Resistance” to everything around us.

Writing good songs must be the fulcrum and it must be enough, especially in a moment where the music is more “spoken” than played; we felt the need to start from the basics and build a world for each song. The title is emblematic “The World is Busy..Try Again Later”.

Nothing could be more prophetic, Covid in the following February 2020 blocked the world and put us on hold, in the meantime we concluded the recordings and we planned, starting from that July, to release a single, practically every month.

Ten tracks, Ten Videos (Videoclip and Visualizer by Erika Errante), Ten Stories and Ten Artworks (11 including the cover) by Ten different local artists.

The inspiration, the feeling and the influences certainly draw from a certain type of rock of the 90s but everything is played and designed for the 20s (2020/2021).

This is the third full-length, usually we talk about the album of maturity, in reality for us it was a real bet we worked with several producers, including Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies) (for the song Disconnected ) and we went back to a draft of the songs in the “rehearsal room” trying to capture the feeling of a live band. The mastering was entrusted to Giovanni Versari (Muse and many others).

It is a direct, honest album, with a lot of melody but at the same time rough, more than talking about rock and its state of health we prefer songs and images to talk.

We are exhausted but immensely happy and proud of this long ride, a year of record releases, a year that we wanted to dedicate entirely to art, which we think is one of the few things that will save us.

SOURCE: Official Bio