Hailing from the Greater parts of Manchester, the five -piece rock ‘n’ roll ensemble Corvus & The Morning Star got together after sending each other demos of songs they had made. Started by Charlie Sherliker (vox and rhythm guitar) and Greg Neil (lead guitar). Paul Hunt (drums) joined soon after and they started to work together on songs that each member brought to the group.

The group was completed when Lewis Bolton (bass guitar) & Sam West (Keyboards) joined the band. From this point, the band have been producing multiple singles from their homes and in the studio. The sound of these include a modern blend of 60’s psych rock, blues, late 80’s and 90’s psych tones. Bringing these up to date with a contemporary edge.

The band like to experiment with different flavors from under the psychedelic umbrella using a wide variety of instruments of the time such as sitar, mellotrons and, well, if we told you that would be telling, to add to their sound.

SOURCE: Official Bio