Earthquake Lights has released their new single titled ‘January’. A beautiful and musically lush journey with a story to tell, ‘January’ is on of those songs you live with long after it enters your soul via your ears. To me, this really ups the bar for Earthquake Lights in regards to their musical direction. This is much, much more than what you could ever read about them. This is a statement. A wonderful statement of arrival and staying around with an orchestration that really shows how diverse the indie music scene really is.

About Earthquake Lights

Earthquake Lights is a four-piece rock outfit from NYC. Having all met during their time at college, the band quickly saw success with their very first EP, earning placements in a national NBA/Tissot ad campaign and an Alex Gibney documentary. Their music has received critical acclaim alongside multiple Spotify editorial playlists and a placement in Isabel Sandoval’s award-winning film Lingua Franca, as well as a feature on Vulfpeck’s album The Joy of Music, The Job of Real Estate.

Their latest single “January” details the journey to catharsis and relief, touching on finding acceptance of where you have come from, as well as the optimism about where you’re going and persistence to carry on. Emphasizing the importance of living in the present, lead singer Myles Rodenhouse shares, “This song is about maturing and understanding mistakes you’ve made. Pursuing whoever you want to be now instead of what your former self wanted. It’s not about it working out, it’s about being where you want to be.”

The lyrics, which were written by friend and poet Andy Axel, play with the metaphor of birds traveling south for the winter, however in this particular story, a bird flies south in January and survives through the harsh, winter weather, through sheer determination and willingness to move forward. Sonically, “January” emits a joyous and hopeful feeling, with spacious, airy harmonies that encompass the listener.