Cosmic Ninja has today released their new single titled ‘Come Up For Air’ from their upcoming EP ‘Filth’ dropping February 16th.

Right from that first note on the guitar, I could tell that Cosmic Ninja was a band meant for the stage. Big or small, outside or indoors, this is a band that thrives live. That set aside, ‘Come Up For Air’ perfectly sells those that haven’t heard of the band yet to get ready for February 16th. A firm handshake of an introduction that leaves a lasting impression in the memory to check them out.

A suave mix of rock and electronic bliss, ‘Come Up For Air’ is misleading as a title because it never lets up. It infuses.

About Cosmic Ninja

Cosmic Ninja are back with their new EP “Filth”! Building off the success of their raucous live show, this is their finest and most accomplished offering to date. 6 electronic infused rock bangers further develops the band’s unique genre blending sound and punk ethos. This latest EP was recorded with John Mitchell (Enter Shikari, Architects, …) at Outhouse Studios in Reading, where the band continued to meld rock, dance and rap influences into a cohesive, well crafted collection of music that offers musical hooks for a wide audience.

While each track has its own distinct character, the band’s trademark high energy, politically charged lyrics and love of electronic music are ever present. Expect big riffs paired with thick synth and electronica, topped off with a generous helping of dueling vocals, angsty raps and big euphoric chorus melodies.

This latest collection of tracks deal with frustration at the political status quo, the toxicity of blind partisanship, injustice and the drive for equality, the disillusion that is rampant in modern UK and beyond. Striving for social justice is a common theme throughout, as is struggle with mental health and well being, imposter syndrome and inadequacy in the increasingly stressful and high pressure world that we find ourselves in.