Michael Isaak has today released his new EP titled ‘Forever Is A Scary Word’. While you may get that vibe that the album is one of those introspective dives into the mind of an indie musician, the real depth comes from the power of the composition and the way Michael arranges his songs around his words.

Atmospheric in all of the right places with an emphasis on treating each song as a journey for the story behind the lyrics, the musical diversity is as wide and varied as the subject matter of the tracks themselves.

About ‘Forever Is A Scary Word’

Michael Isaak’s music embodies the internal conflict between honoring tradition and finding newfound freedom. His six-track EP, Forever is a Scary Word, which he’s been crafting since May 2022, intertwines his heritage with a fresh musical perspective. Drawing from classical Arabic music and learning to play the oud, Isaak infuses his songs with a unique blend of cultural sounds. The EP’s recent single release, “hey boy,” reflects Isaak’s childhood experiences and the assurance that, despite chaos, things will unfold as they should.

The EP’s lead single, “okay with this,” serves as an empowering anthem, celebrating the resilience and growth he has experienced in his young adult life. Despite the challenges of leaving college, navigating changing friendships, and embracing his true self, the song underscores his journey of overcoming and thriving. Self-produced in collaboration with Owen Korzec and featuring Arabic instrumentation by Abanoub Samir on “plane thoughts,” Forever is a Scary Word presents an intimate glimpse into Isaak’s life and internal monologue, characterized by his distinctive vocals and delicate guitar patterns.

Raised in a religious Egyptian-American community, Michael Isaak’s new collection of tracks explores the dynamic tension between respecting tradition and embracing individualism. Isaak’s unique ethnic heritage infuses a novel flavor into the Western indie music scene. His musical identity has been shaped by early exposure to Arabic music, self-learned proficiency in various instruments and music production, and an admiration for modern indie, folk, and pop artists, such as Sufjan Stevens and Phoebe Bridgers. Isaak embarked on his musical journey with the release of his first original song, “fabricated love story” in August 2021.

Reflecting on his evolution over the years, Isaak shares, “My journey in music production transitioned from being a weekly refuge for stress relief to a close confidant, a medium where I could convey my deepest feelings in a unique, personal language.” While his studies at Princeton University momentarily steered him away from music, his innate drive for creative expression eventually drew him back to Los Angeles. Since returning to LA, Isaak has made remarkable progress in his music career, amassing over 90k streams on Spotify. Additionally, he has graced the stages of iconic LA venues like The Hotel Cafe, The Viper Room, and Whisky A Go Go, further establishing his presence in the music scene.

About Michael Isaak

Los Angeles singer-songwriter Michael Isaak fuses dreamy indie pop with intimate acoustic folk on his journey through a world that is ever-changing and tragically beautiful. The former Princeton neuroscience student draws audiences into his deepest cerebral spaces, showcasing music as a profound tool for healing.

As a first-generation Egyptian-American, Michael offers an ethnic twist to his genre, having grown up on Arabic music. He learned to play piano and ukulele from an early age and later taught himself how to play guitar and use digital audio workstations, receiving his first production credit at 15. Taking inspiration from artists like Phoebe Bridgers and Sufjan Stevens, he went on to put out his first single “Don’t Like Being Lonely” in 2022.

Since then, Michael has grossed nearly 100,000 streams across platforms. He headlined his first show at The Hotel Cafe in December 2022, and has played on some of LA’s most iconic stages including The Whisky A Go Go.