Courtney Bell & Royce Da 5’9 have released their new collab video for the track titled ‘Westside’ from Bell’s upcoming mixtape ‘Microdose’ dropping March 22nd.

Using ‘The Matrix’ as a metaphor, the words strike real through the virtuosity like bullets from a figurative funk gun. Haunting and sonically pervasive, ‘Westside’ takes the reality and adds a fluorescent feeling in an all but too short take on life in the real.

About ‘Westside’

Rising Detroit rapper Courtney Bell shatters expectations with the release of his new single and video, “Westside,” featuring legendary fellow Motor City MC and producer Royce 5’9″.

The track serves as the lead single from Bell’s highly anticipated mixtape, Microdose, which drops on March 22nd. Microdose was Executive Produced by Royce and Keith Pay Cash Miller, and also features Conway the Machine, Skilla Baby, Black Thought, Symba and more.

Courtney Bell expresses his excitement about “Westside”: “This record for me is a statement, not only for myself but for the Westside of my city of Detroit and everyone that comes from it. I was inspired to create something sonically that hasn’t really been heard of for my generation.”

In a cinematic nod to The Matrix, the music video for “Westside” captivates audiences with its visually stunning and innovative storytelling. Playing the role of Neo, with Royce as Morpheus Courtney Bell, known for pushing creative boundaries, aims to deliver a sonic experience that mirrors his character’s eye-opening journey, breaking new ground for his generation.

This announcement follows the recent launch of Courtney’s explosive “On The Radar” freestyle (click here), a testament to his lyrical prowess and a glimpse into what is coming this year.

Courtney Bell and Royce 5’9” have previously joined forces on the “Already Up” track featured on the Street Fighter 6 x NERDS Clothing Presents: Steel Sessions album, showcasing the dynamic synergy between these formidable artists.

Having made waves with his 2020 mixtape, Poverty Stricken, Courtney Bell is no stranger to success. His single “Celebrate” from the mixtape found its place in the blockbuster Gran Turismo movie this past summer.

Fans can anticipate a groundbreaking musical experience as Courtney Bell gears up for the highly awaited new mixtape.

About Courtney Bell

For nearly a decade, Courtney Bell has toed the line between consciousness, spirituality, and the streets across two self-released albums (2018’s 10 Commandments and 2020’s Poverty Stricken), including the million-plus streamer “ICE” and collaborations with mentor Royce 5’9”.

During the early 2020s, the 29-year-old lyricist from Detroit’s West Side slowed his output after exiting a major label deal, grieving the loss of multiple family members, and rediscovering his passion for music.

With an elevated skillset and the fire within, March 22nd’s Microdose is a fitting catch-up for one of the most talented emerging voices in Hip Hop. The Royce-assisted “West Side” shares Courtney’s concrete roots with the world, while “Issues” reveals the inner turmoil of a relatable artist who draws from within. The potent reintroduction project features Royce, Black Thought, Symba, Conway The Machine, Skilla Baby, and more.

Featured image by Anthony Harvey.