Irish folk band Some One’s Sons, (Daniel Allen, Greg Dunne, Ger Dunne, Ray Purcell) hailing from the town of Mullingar, are set to tug at heartstrings with their latest single, “One More Minute”, out Jan 26th. Hot off performances at Electric Picnic and sold out concerts at Whelan’s and The Cobblestone, the up-and-coming young four-piece showcase an emotive prowess in this poignant ode to loss and regret.

“One More Minute” is a musical journey that explores the universal theme of longing for just a bit more time with those we hold dear (“’If I had one more minute of your time”). The song’s narrative unfolds through powerful lyrics, accompanied by delicate harmonies Some One’s Sons are known for.

Listeners can expect an immersive experience as lead singers Daniel Allen and Greg Dunne navigate the complex landscape of grief and a desire for one last moment. The narrator progresses through denial, (‘I can’t accept the past, don’t fill me the parting glass”) and depression (“A lonely footprint in the sand”)

The chorus echoes a constant return to bargaining (“If I had one more minute of your time, just one last chance to say goodbye. I’d tell the stories of our youth and I’d tell you that I love you’). The climax sees the narrator finally reach acceptance (“If love is real, then it lives and it must die”) while acknowledging a paradox that the memories are what last forever (“But stays with you until the end of time”)

Daniel’s vocals, reminiscent of the late Jim McCann, effortlessly blend sweet tones with an unrefined ruggedness akin to the legendary Tom and Paddy Clancy. Meanwhile, Greg commands a tenor that stands as a unique and timeless force, drawing comparisons to the likes of Luke Kelly and Tommy Makem. With a sound deeply rooted in Irish tradition, Some One’s Sons continues to captivate audiences with their authentic storytelling and soul-stirring performances.

SOURCE: Official Bio

Featured image by Luke Byrne