Celeb Car Crash is a rock band from Parma, Italy. At the end of 2012 elective of cities and natural selection lead Nicola (Klogr, Lena’s baedream),Carlo Al- berto (Lena’s baedream),Michelangelo (Violet Gibson, Waiting for Titor, Convergence), and Simone (Octave, Opposite Sides) to join efforts and shape Celeb Car Crash’s music project.

Within six months of hard work the band recorded and mixed their first record “AMBUSH!”, released by Antstreet Records in April 2013. The album has been mixed by Riccardo Pasini at Studio 73 (Extrema, Blin- dead, Ephel Duath, At The Soundawn, etc.) and mastered at Elephant Mastering Studios by Riccardo Parenti. Together with AMBUSH! Celeb Car Crash released also their first video clip featuring the first single “Dead Poets Society”. The Video has been directed by Carlo Roberti (Solobuio Visual Factory) and gave to the band a lot of exposure on Italian TV Channels (Rock TV) and Web Tv around the world.

Since April 2013 to December 2013 the band supported the album with a long tour across Italy, Switzer- land, France, and Uk opening gigs for acts like “Gotthard” and “Coheed and Cambria”.
On December 2013 the band released through Bagana Records a new Single and Video featuring the cover song of “Drinking In L.A.”, Bran Van 3000’s hit of the late 90’. The Video, directed by the band itself, became a video of the day on the Italian Rolling Stone website and collected some enthusiastic comments by the BV3000 founders and members:

James Di Salvo (DJ and former member) : “I Love It, what a great version… Tre mille grazie for such an ispired Rockin take on the story… Best To you Celeb Car Crash! Cheers! “

Steve Hawley : “Funny. 😉 Good Stuff. Bran Van 3000 Stamp of approval!”

Thanks to the great feedback received on the new single, during 2014, Celeb Car Crash started a new tour with almost 30 gigs around Italy and France, increasing their fan base by offering a solid Rock show.

In December 2014 the band won the eminent contest “RED BULL TOURBUS” beating the competition of 1700 bands from all over the country. The prize consists of one tour of 3 gigs supporting Lacuna Coil on the almighty Red Bull Tourbus, and the recording of a single in the famous Red Bull London Studios. The new single, titled “Because I’m Sad”, has been artistically produced by Oliviero “Olly” Riva and Mario Riso and is part of a new EP titled Mucha Lucha that has been released worldwide by Sliptrick Records on the 9th of June. Mucha Lucha is de ned by a ‘90’s rock avour mixed to a modern alternative sound, and along with “Because I’m Sad” it contains two more unreleased tracks recorded in two different studios: Puzzle Recording Studios and Valeoro Studios.

Celeb Car Crash released a video clip featuring “Because I’m Sad” directed by Matteo Di Gioia (The Jack Studip productions, Destrage). The new single has been broadcasted by many radio stations both in Europe and North America (Heavy Rotation on Virgin Radio Italy, Virgin Radio Canada, and Virgin Radio France). The supporting tour for Mucha Lucha started in june with Lacuna Coil, and ended in January with more of 20 gigs done all along the Italian territory.

At the end of May 2016 Celeb Car Crash released a brand new single “Let Me In”, preview of their sophomo- re record titled “People Are The Best Show”, that has been released on september 21st 2016 through 1981 Records. The Video of the song has been premiered by Revolver Magazine and Virgin Radio Italy.
During 2017 Celeb Car Crash supported the promotion of their new album playing more than 30 shows across Italy and Europe, hitting cult venues like O2 Academy Islington and Nambucca in London and The Cave in Amsterdam.

2018 brings big news for the band: after 5 years of stability the lineup changes with the entry of Alex Crini and Simone Galli and the exit of Carlo Alberto and Simone Benati. In April 2018 Celeb Car Crash will release a new EP titled “CCCover” featuring songs by Peter Gabriel, Beatles, MGMT, David Bowie, and The Cardigans rearranged in Rock style.

During 2018 the band supported CCCover with several gigs along with Italy and Europe, supporting bands like Lacuna Coil, Zen Circus, and Rezophonic.

2019 CCC enter the studio to record their third Full Lenght “The World Is Busy, Try Again Later”. Gabriele “Ru- sty” Rustichelli joins, stably, the band as guitarist; He is a Producer, singer and guitarist former Mastermind of the KLOGR project. CCC has the wonderful opportunity to work on a song from their new album with one of the legends of the 90’s sound and Guru of American alternative rock to the present day, Steve Albini (Nirvana “IN UTERO”, Pixies “Surfer Rosa” … ) who mixes “Disconnected (This is Gonna Hurt).

2020 CCC releases the rst single of the new album,“Poor Me” mixed by Mike Suzzi, a young and talented Italian producer. The song combined with Erika Errante’s splendid animation video has an excellent response and so the band plans to release all the songs of the new album with a xed cadence, every three weeks … the next appointment is “Disconnected (This is Gonna Hurt)” . All songs will be made available on all digital platforms anticipating the release of the album “The World Is Busy, Try Again Later” scheduled for April 2021. The mastering of this latest work is done by Giovanni Versari (Muse “Drones”) .