1. Two Poltergeists Dalton Deschain 4:35

Dalton Deschain & the Traveling Show has released the new song titled ‘Two Poltergeists’. Dalton is an artist that gives originality a new definition. One of those artists proudly centered in the underground because that gives him a better overall picture of the outside of the box.

Musically, this is signature Dalton. That quirky mix of pop-infused hook and Dalton’s own unique attitude and tongue in cheek musical demeanor. Given his multi-platformed brand that is Dalton (yes, a brand), you can see what Dalton is doing musically and where he is coming from. That intro-personal space where the id melds with the soul and filters through the best of your ideas.

Dalton Deschain & the Traveling Show is not a musical act. It is a musical journey.

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About Dalton Deschain & the Traveling Show

Dalton Deschain & the Traveling Show are a pulp-punk band from New York City. The perfect intersection of David Bowie, Danny Elfman, Stephen King, and Alkaline Trio, the band is known for dark but humorous experimental punk music, filled with pulpy lyrics about circus freaks, dark rituals, nuclear war, and demon posession.

Formed in 2014 by frontman Dalton Deschain, the Traveling Show has grown a local cult following through their off-kilter shows, including their annual Devil’s Night party just before Halloween in New York City. Hooks, dance beats, ugly riffs, and spooky lyrics promise a show and a listening experience that is wholly unique and infectious. And for fans looking for something more, there’s a whole universe of tie-in novellas explaining the story behind the interconnected songs.

Debut full-length album ‘Demons & Dogmen’ available now! Purchase the album and accompanying tie-in novel at daltondeschain.bandcamp.com.

New solo EP Cemetery Sunset coming in October! Stream the latest single ‘Two Poltergeists’ now.