1. An Interview with Dalton Deschain Jammerzine Exclusive 41:56

Dalton Deschain & the Traveling Show have today released their long-awaited new album titled ‘Demons & Dogmen’. And, in anticipation of such, we have an exclusive interview with the man himself, musician, author, dreamer, Dalton Deschain!

We talk with Dalton about the buildup to the new album and the time spent between the last two albums as well as his tie-in novel and the universe it is in. You don’t want to miss this!

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What we get with ‘Demons & Dogmen’ is a literal show. Not only do we have an entire novel that interweavingly ties in with this album of the same name, we get a full on presentational concept. Speaking as a musician myself, this is almost impossible to do in a way that totally fits musically, lyrically, and to the story. But it totally works here. The songs are not only enjoyable, they are memorable. And the songs remain coherent to the story. I feel the best way to immerse yourself into this project would be to read the book while you are listening to this album. Or, switch back and forth between the two. I plan to read the book before I listen to the album again, however, I had to listen to the album to give you this review. How is that for a ‘chicken or the egg’ conundrum?

About Dalton Deschain & the Traveling Show & ‘Demons & Dogmen’

After a run of four EPs, one-of-a-kind Brooklyn pulp-punk act Dalton Deschain & the Traveling Show will be dropping their debut LP Demons & Dogmen on October 15. In addition to being available on streaming services everywhere, the physical version of the album will be packaged as a 260-page novel, written by Deschain himself, that expands on the story told in the concept album’s lyrics. A download code for the music will be included with each copy of the book.

The book and album tell the story of a Detroit musician in the 1940s who becomes possessed by a demon and takes over a local circus. When his plans turn deadly, it’s up to a gang of circus freaks, a failed actress, and a psychic janitor to stop him. In book form, it’s a gripping and gory tale in the tradition of paperback pulp horror novels from years past. In album form, it’s a nonstop punk rock freight train, barreling from one soaring melody and punchy drum beat to the next.

Despite the scale of this ensemble story, the music remains accessible to the casual listener, focusing on high-energy, catchy tracks designed to get you singing along, while providing a deeper experience for those that choose to dive in.

Dalton Deschain & the Traveling Show are a pulp-punk band from New York City. The perfect intersection of David Bowie, Danny Elfman, Stephen King, and Alkaline Trio, the band is known for dark but humorous experimental punk music, filled with pulpy lyrics about circus freaks, dark rituals, nuclear war, and demon posession.

Formed in 2014 by frontman Dalton Deschain, the Traveling Show has grown a local cult following through their off-kilter shows, including their annual Devil’s Night party just before Halloween in New York City. Hooks, dance beats, ugly riffs, and spooky lyrics promise a show and a listening experience that is wholly unique and infectious. And for fans looking for something more, there’s a whole universe of tie-in novellas explaining the story behind the interconnected songs.

Previous releases include 2014’s The Collateral Vignettes EP, followed by the three EPs that make up their “Character Trilogy”: Roberta (2016), Catherine (2017), and Casey (2019). Remixed and partially re-recorded tracks from the Character Trilogy will appear on Demons & Dogmen.