International pianist, composer and performer Daniël Verstappen, releases his single & music video for “Soulmate”.

At a young age, Daniël had begun touring throughout Europe. He has played alongside world-class artists and composers such as Seal, Anastacia, Gloria Estefan, Bocelli, Ennio Morricone, and a number of others. As a concert pianist, he’s performed in a diversity of venues, at elite events and concert halls.

In the summer of 2016, during a stay in Prague, locked up in the Morakova Castle, completely separated from the outside world, Daniël realized his first album. Just like the main track of this album, titled “From the heart”, “Soulmate” is linked to a deeper meaning.

Daniël; “Since I was five I played the piano, so I could give my emotions a place, my soulmate. It is similar to finding a person who knows you even better than you know yourself, who will always be there for you and will continue to connect with you. It’s also due to the fact that I want to connect people with music.”

For “Soulmate” an extensive music video was produced by an international team in the French gardens of the famous Ter Hills Maasmechelen castle and hotel in Belgium.

The musical basis of a soulmate is pure piano, but the single also comes with orchestral and electronic sounds. Daniël, an innovative pianist enjoys combining classical piano and orchestra with modern beats and sounds, striving towards necessary perfection and creating a harmonious symbiosis.

Daniel adds, “I like reaching young people with my performances and my compositions. Creating crossover music that spans between classical and contemporary electronic sounds. It’s an enjoyment to bring people together with my music.”

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