The first thing that struck me about Hungary’s own Nimfonia’s new video for the track titled ‘Vicky White’ is how wonderfully retro it feels yet surprisingly fresh it is. It reminded me of that ultra-cool show on MTV back in the day called ‘120 Minutes‘. I used to watch every second of that show every week just to get a glimpse of bands like Nimfonia. So the simple fact that they have retained that feeling in their video is awesome but they also showcase their modern sound in their music. Wonderful combination.

About Nimfonia
Nimfonia is Zozo Debreczy (lead vocals/lead Guitar), Zsolt Janky (drums), Gabor Vermes (bass) and Krisztian Kun (Keyboard/Samplers).

They write about a large range of topics, delivered with emotive language, powerful bass, and drums, alongside hook-filled melodies.

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After recording a host of demos that are slowly being released for free. With tracks: ‘Fire Rain’ and ‘Die For Me’ available on youtube and Itunes.

The band gives an intense, high-energy performance both live and in the studio, with a raw, impacting sound. Taking inspiration from both past and present pioneers in music, The Beatles, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Judas Priest, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Doors, to name a few.

On the song, Zozo says:

“The song inspired by a sweet love story which turned into a sweet nightmare. When I was living in England I met this girl called Vicky. We fell in love with each other and she kept visiting my place where we made love together and wrote loads of songs.

The whole thing became a sweet nightmare after a while. As I kept dreaming things like she’s going to leave me, jealousy, pain and that we’re going to fall apart at some point. Basically, I had these dreams which predicted the future. I was dreaming about these events which became to happen and real. So I named these dreams as “sweet nightmares”. It’s a sweet nightmare because Vicky went back to black (This appears in the song’s lyrics as well) and just everything else became black when we fell apart”.

SOURCE: Official Bio