David Helpling and Heartracer have today released their collaborative video for the track titled ‘Living Like A Ghost’, with the single dropping June 9th.

Cinematic drenched in originality with the signatures of both artists shining through, ‘Living Like A Ghost’ is an anthem for the times at hand, or the timelessness at heart, that depends on you, because the best music is personally interpretable. But what you will definitely feel is that warmth in your soul as this song encapsulates you. That moment of silent surrender when you let the music in and take it, not for what it’s worth, but for what it means to you.

About David Helpling and Heartracer

David Helpling
David Helpling

David Helpling is an award-winning Ambient Electronic recording artist whose bold sound and haunting melodies have made him a favorite of the genre. After his debut album, Between Green and Blue and the breakthrough sophomore release, Sleeping On The Edge Of The World, David and Ambient artist Jon Jenkins joined forces for a trilogy of massive-sounding albums.

These releases: Treasure, The Crossing and Found launched the duo into international success.

David’s signature bell-like guitar sound earned two self-produced Ambient Guitar releases, both taking a profound inspiration from the timeless pull of the sea. A Sea Without Memory and RUNE are now definitive gems of the genre. Last year, David revealed IN, a double album exploding with subsonic drums, pulsing synthesizers and lush multi-layered orchestration.

Produced and mixed by David at his Southern California studio and mastered by Emily Lazar, IN is a shimmering stamp between genres – outlining an unforgettable sound still resonating and growing as rumors mount of several new records now in production.


Heartracer is an electronic pop, project formed by brothers Chris and Chip Cosby. The name was derived from Chris’ tachycardia diagnoses, a disorder which causes the heart to beat faster at random intervals.

Combining modern production methods with the classic pop songwriting reminiscent of simpler times, Heartracer’s sound is that of anthemic grandeur.

Unabashedly drawing on inspiration from pop icons of the past such as Duran Duran and Aha. Their sound provides a wide ranging palette of interwoven synths, guitars, and swooning vocals that ultimately embalm the listener with nostalgic synth magic.

Joined by multi-instrumentalist Wes Tatum, Heartracer has performed with several nationally known artists such as Walk The Moon, Future Islands, Third Eye Blind, Banks, Priory, Joywave, and Puris. Heartracer’s most recent material was produced by Andrew Lappin (St. Lucia, M83) and recorded at the famous Sunset Sound studios. Their upcoming material was produced by Ted Comerford (Jukebox The Ghost) and mastered by Paul David Hager (Jonas Brothers. Beck).