Sirens Of Lesbos have today released their new video for the single titled ‘Run Run Run’ from the album ‘Peace’. From that first note you can tell the party has started. And, that retro tv look in the video is simply wonderful in every way shape and form. That sweet combination really gets to you with the progression of the music.

The song itself is a literal gateway drug for all that is SOL. Letting me know that this summer is going to be fun. The kind of fun that takes me back to the 80’s. When puberty started to let me know of the good things to come and those al day get togethers at the above ground pool with the radio playing in the background wondering if the cordless phone is safe that close to the water is simply a unique memory but you all get it. Now ‘Run Run Run’ and get your own memories. This is the song to do it.

About Sirens Of Lesbos & ‘Run Run Run’

‘Run Run Run’ is the third single from ‘Peace’, the second album by Swiss five-piece Sirens of Lesbos. Co-produced with platinum selling hip-hop producer Christo (J. Cole, JID, Earthgang), an early supporter of the band, it continues the hugely successful relationship they first forged on 2021’s celebrated debut album, ‘SOL’.

Channelling the classic 70s and 80s sound of sunny American rock, and references such as Fleetwood Mac and Toto, ‘Run Run Run’ exudes a carefree innocence. With uptempo drums and a low, funky bassline combining for a tight, contemporary groove, vocalist sisters Jasmina and Nabyla Serag breathe life into the track’s purposeful sense of optimism. They say: “We wanted to write the ultimate anthem for people who are at the height of falling in love.”

Playing a worldbeat sound that takes in psychedelic funk, golden era AOR and hip-hop’s outer reaches, Sirens of Lesbos – producers Melvyn Buss and Arci Friede, co-producers and vocalist sisters Jasmina and Nabyla Serag and Denise Häberli, the group’s art director – combines diverse backgrounds to create a distinctive musical universe. Merging analogue warmth and depth with modern production presence, what forms the group’s bedrock is their ear for an unmistakable pop hook.

Sirens Of Lesbos fans include Gilles Peterson from Worldwide FM, Don Letts from BBC Radio 6 Music and Dan Wilcox from KCRW, but also producers like Fraser T. Smith (Kasabian, Stormzy) and artists like Erick The Architect.