Dead Posey has unveiled their first single of the year with ‘Zombies’ – available now on all major streaming platforms via Position Music, which is now featured on editorial playlists such as Spotify’s All New Metal and Apple Music’s New in Rock. The new song kicks off the start of a new era for the band ahead of their self-produced debut album, which is set for release later this year.

‘Zombies’ comes with a jaw-dropping official music video which sees the band—fronted by Dead Posey (AKA Danyell Souza, Lead Singer) and Tony F (Guitarist, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Producer)—shredding electric guitars, screaming, and thrashing in an eerily dark and gothcore decorated crypt as Souza, outfitted in a striking vulture-esque feathered black villain coat paired with bone-chillingly long black nail extensions resembling the ghoulish nails Vampira infamously wore as she struts around cages, splays on an exposed concrete floor, and screams into the camera with a soul-piercing sultry, yet unsettling, vampire gaze.

Los angeles-bred Dead Posey have punctured their proverbial vicious vein by serenading a posse of devoted followers with fuzz-guitar infused rock-and-roll and edgy yet timeless-sounding vocals that pack an anti-establishment punch. When Dead Posey (aka Danyell Souza) and her creative partner Tony F. (guitarist / multi-instrumentalist / producer) met, they quickly tapped into an undeniable chemistry that led them down a cathartic path of creating bold hard rock sounds riddled with unsettling lyrical themes ranging from sexism, depression, angst and rage against oppressive systems —all doused with a healthy dose of ‘DGAF’ attitude yet still seeing the beauty within the madness.

In 2018, Dead Posey sunk their venomous fangs into the scene with the debut EP Freak Show (featuring standout track ‘Don’t Stop The Devil’), garnering over 34 million combined streams and numerous spots in film, tv & video games. This was followed by the darker and more industrial-tinged Malfunction EP via Sumerian Records in 2020. The start of a new era of Dead Posey started with the release of multiple singles en route toward a debut album. The first two singles, adrenaline-inducing rockers ‘Russian Roulette’ and ‘sorry i’m not dead’, quickly claimed support among rock tastemakers.

They were both listed on Loudwire’s Best Rock + Metal Songs (of August and November 2021, respectively), the latter being praised for its ‘industrial-leaning rock…with edgy, badass attitude.’ Music programmers also took a liking as the tunes were added to key rock playlists including Spotify’s ‘Rock Hard’, ‘New Noise’, & ‘All New Rock’, and Apple’s ‘Breaking Hard Rock’ & ‘New in Rock’. Dead Posey’s single ‘Can’t Take Me Down’ made its way onto Kerrang! Radio’s Fresh Blood, Hosted By Alex Baker in which Dead Posey became Featured Artist Of The Week. Kerrang! Radio’s Sophie K also chose DP for her ‘New Music You Have To Hear Now’ feature.

Dead Posey also released a cover of the classic new wave banger ‘Blue Monday’, mixing elements of New Order’s 80’s original and Orgy’s harder 90’s version and which became a staple on Apple Music’s ‘Heavy Covers’ playlist.

Feeding a monstrous appetite for live performance, Dead Posey has unfurled their punk-infused high-octane shows at notable festivals such as Download (UK), Louder Than Life, Aftershock, and Shiprocked to name a few. Dead Posey has covered many miles on the road, touring with bands Theory Of A Deadman, BRKN Love, Palaye Royale, Bones UK, The Birthday Massacre, Through Fire, SAUL, Amongst Liars and more.

Dead Posey’s music has also been a fixture in tv spots such as Fox’s Lucifer, MTV’s Teen Wolf, Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, Syfy’s Wynona Earp and Netflix’s docuseries The Most Hated Man On The Internet among others, as well as in national ads for Taco Bell, Sony Playstation, Riot Games’ League Of Legends, Back 4 Blood, and many more.

Like vampires craving blood, Dead Posey’s hunger for unapologetic creative expression is deeply intensifying. Dead Posey has steadily begun to uncage many years’ work of titillating and provocative sounds into the speakers of hardcore musical pariahs and grunge-y sound-systems abound. Meanwhile the ever-growing cult of Dead Posey anxiously await the debut full-length album due out later this year after the band unveils a series of new singles, starting with high-energy punk blast ‘Zombies’.

SOURCE: Official Bio