Monoscopes has released their new album titled ‘Endcyclopedia’ via Big Black Car Records. Founded by Paolo Mioni (former member of Jennifer Gentle, spearhead of Italian psych scene), Monoscopes is a band that gives you that feeling of something about to explode, musically. Aside from being a consistent wall of sound, ‘Endcyclopedia’ is a songwriter’s dream. Every track has a story wrapped in that velvety sweet sound filled with hooks and laced with penache.

While ‘Endcyclopedia’ makes it hard to find a single, it makes it even harder to pick a favorite. It’s does, however, give you a wide range of stellar tracks to choose from, and choose again.

About ‘Endcyclopedia’

After the debut ‘Painkillers and Wine’, which inspired rave reviews (among others, the album got 4 stars on Mojo, and Shindig! Magazine labeled it “A stellar debut”), Monoscopes are back with an album that shows their exposed nerves, just like the cover illustration. In addition to the members of Monoscopes, the album features guests Tommaso Cerasuolo of Perturbazione and former Jennifer Gentle Francesco Candura, who shared an entire American tour with Paolo Mioni.

The album moves from psychedelic rock with pop overtones to noise rides, from nocturnal atmospheres to Velvet Underground-influenced garage pop. In between there are noise, melody, harmonic and rhythmic experimentation and a resurgence of the middle eight. In Endcyclopedia one hears echoes of the noisy spirituals of Spiritualized, of the more apocalyptic side of PJ Harvey, of the power pop of Big Star, but also of R.E.M. and the melodic quest of the unforgettable LA’s.

About Monoscopes

Monoscopes are a band founded by Paolo Mioni (vocals, guitars, keyboards), a multi-instrumentalist from Padua. He he has toured coastto-coast America together with Jennifer Gentle, and played at SXSW, as well as festivals and venues throughout Italy. He is also founder of the alt-blues band Nicotine Alley, with whom he released two albums.

After writing new songs more oriented to psychedelia, power-pop and shoegaze, in 2016 he gave birth to this new project, Monoscopes, and some veterans of the North-East indie scene soon joined the venture giving shape to the band.