DEATH X DESTINY returns with a fierce new single “DREAMWALKER” and a captivating music video for the electrifying track.

Their latest creation, infused with the spirit of T.A.T.U, serves as a testament to their musical evolution. With pulsating beats, haunting melodies, and poignant lyrics, the song not only pays homage to their influences but also charts a bold new course in the realm of contemporary music. “T.A.T.U. has always been one of my biggest influences and this song really showcases that,” explains Jonny McBee.

The hard rock and ethereal dichotic single transcends boundaries, blending the raw power of hard rock with the ethereal allure of arena rock, and is infused with industrial elements. Thrashing guitars cut through synthesizers layered with vocalist Moon’s sensual vocals serving as the centerpiece throughout the track. From start to finish, “DREAMWALKER” immerses listeners in its irresistible energy, with the brutal and the ethereal entwined giving both depth and emotion with a raw intensity from both vocalists. DEATH X DESTINY continues to push boundaries and redefine the landscape of electronic-rock, captivating audiences with each electrifying note.

DEATH X DESTINY is an electronic-rock duo founded by The Browning frontman Jonny McBee and debut singer, Moon, in 2023.

SOURCE: Official Bio