Candid has today released their new single titled ‘The Feeling’ from their upcoming EP ‘Clarity’, dropping via Kycker.

That sudden rush of blood to the head mixed with adrenaline and style amid ‘octivaded’ guitars takes that bombastic signature sound to a whole new level. Powerful beats and memorable rhythms officially make this an anthem for the everyones by taking an already monster hook and fueling it with originality.

About Candid & ‘The Feeling’

Hailing from Coventry; indie outfit Candid (Rob, Dan, Sam and Max) have been turning heads with their electric wall of sound. Often drawing sonic comparisons to acts like Foals, Inhaler, or The Horrors paired with a voice like Kelly Jones, Candid strikes a balance between polished and raw that captivates their listeners with cutting guitar and powerful rhythm.

The debut EP ‘Clarity’ explores the ever confusing state of mind someone would experience pursuing a life of creativity, painted by a fully fuelled indie rock disco soundscape.

Single ‘The Feeling’: An angst filled observation of modern life, we are chasing something we can’t have. ‘The Feeling’ is something we all want, but are so quick to throw away when the next best thing arrives. The song was written with an undercurrent of a dystopian age, appearing in the song lyrically and paired with an unforgiving and unruly guitar hook that makes any listener feel like the main character. Run, scream and dance to this song, The Feeling is an unstoppable force of nature – you’ll feel it too.