Decant has released the live video performance version of their single ‘Offshore’, from their new EP of the same name. This is the type of video I love. Showing the artist in their element. A live setting. This is what makes or breaks an artist. Can they ‘pull it off’ live. Decant shows that this is where they shine.

Already a beautiful, lush, and atmospheric track in it’s own right, ‘Offshore’ gets that extra layer of performance making it more than what it appears to be. Intimate and sincere. This is what music is meant to be. A way to get in touch with your audience and become a part of them.

About Decant

Emerging from the Bay Area, Decant is a rising darkpop project. The band, featuring frontperson and vocalist Freddie Bytheway, keyboardist and guitarist Joey Verdian, fellow keyboardist and guitarist Van Jackson-Weaver, and drummer Thelonius Quimby, crafts a unique sound. They blend electronic drum triggers, sample triggers, analog synthesizers, electric guitars, electric pianos, live vocal processing, and keyboard modeling to create a distinctive auditory experience.

Joey Verdian originally initiated the project in 2016 as a songwriting and production venture. However, it wasn’t until 2020, with the addition of Freddie and Van (members of Bay Area art pop band Yassou) that Decant truly took shape. The band’s name, Decant, serves as a metaphor for their creative process, symbolizing the transformation of emotional complexities into tangible feelings through sound, akin to the decanting of wine.

Decant draws from a diverse pool of influences, including Radiohead, FKA Twigs, Burial, Portishead, Jamie XX, and Grouper, yet, their unique approach to music production sets them apart. Their entire record, self-recorded and produced in a bedroom studio, transcends genres by processing organic instruments to create electronic textures, while maintaining a strong connection to relatable pop song structures and melodies.

Decant’s music explores themes of loss, transformation, shifts in perception, and vulnerability, transporting listeners to post-apocalyptic worlds and reimagined societies. This immersive aesthetic is achieved through their unique blend of electronic and organic elements.

Their first single, “Gallatin,” released in Spring 2023, was followed by “Take Them.” Both tracks have gained significant traction, with over 20,000 streams and approximately 6,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, and over 2,000 streams on Apple Music. Their next single, “Beverly,” is set to drop on June 23rd. Two other notable upcoming releases, “Offshore” and “Passing,” are eagerly anticipated. “Offshore,” a song about growing apart from a loved one, was created during the pandemic. “Passing” is a tribute to and collaboration with their late friend, Corey Budke, featuring Corey’s lyrics and vocal melodies from a song titled “Solace.” It explores the interplay between love sickness and substance use-related sickness. These tracks will eventually form their debut LP.

Decant’s music is a testament to their commitment to pushing genre boundaries and creating a unique sonic experience. Their self-recorded and produced tracks defy categorization, falling between the cracks of typical genres. With its upcoming releases, Decant is set to continue their exploration of loss, transformation, and vulnerability through their unique blend of electronic and organic elements.