1. Costa Del Mersey Montao 03:37

Montao has today released the new song titled ‘Costa Del Mersey‘. A suave mix of house and hip, with a jaz fusion overtone against a monster dragging backbeat, ‘Costa Del Mersey’ becomes an urban soundscape dedicated to vision of the Merseyside.

Almost a pure soundscape as sonic art, Andrew Kettle shows that the speakers are the canvas and the mind is the brush by colliding the diversity of Liverpool onto the stage of your mind.

About ‘Costa Del Mersey’

As a homage to his home town of Liverpool, Montao has returned with a dreamy sun drenched track, lovingly named after the coastline along Merseyside.

The track interweaves amidst a variety of nuances and musical suggestions, whilst slapping a massive smile on your face.

The head nodding laid back vibe transcends the picture being painted with simple instructions…to kick back, spin this over the summer months, and to simply have some fun!

This hazy ray of trip hop brings Montao back onto the scene, and Costa Del Mersey is a welcome addition to his collection.

About Montao

After decades of experience as a multi instrumentalist, recording artist, artist manager, and everything else in between, these combinations have fused together and spawned a new musical landscape in the world of Montao.

The trap door from another dimension has opened, and he will be here to stay.

Encapsulated amidst the terrain of a curious and sometimes confusing world, Montao is putting things right…one beat at a time.