Originally stemming from the age-old Marine adage, “You can run, but you’ll just die tired,” one might assume that their music carries ominous undertones and perhaps explores dark themes. However, for Die Tired, it’s a punk rock way of declaring “Carpe diem!”

Hailing from various corners of Pennsylvania, Die Tired’s members each inject their unique flair and personality into their music. While they all have slightly different musical preferences, these diverse influences come together harmoniously to infuse fresh energy into irresistibly catchy alternative and pop-rock melodies.

Die Tired is a versatile band that draws inspiration from a wide spectrum, encompassing classic rock, heavy metal, pop-punk, and virtually anything playable on a guitar. Onstage, their lively and passionate performances never fail to leave audiences craving more. It’s practically impossible to resist tapping your foot, nodding your head, or enthusiastically singing along to their incredibly eclectic interpretation of rock ‘n roll. In the world of Die Tired, every day is an opportunity to seize life’s moments!

“Need to Feed” encapsulates the film’s gripping and gritty ambiance, transforming it into a sonic journey that plunges listeners into the realm of brooding grunge and modern rock. The song emanates raw, visceral energy, intertwining robust guitar riffs, hypnotic drum and bass lines, haunting melodies, and evocative lyrics that echo the film’s thematic essence.

Inspired by the compelling narrative of “Good Time,” Die Tired delves into the shadowy depths of human existence through their music. The lyrics delve into life’s complexities, mirroring the movie’s exploration of crime, desperation, and the quest for redemption.

“We were profoundly moved by the emotional intensity of ‘Good Time’ and aimed to infuse our music with that same raw power,” explains drummer Brandon Ballantyne. “The single mirrors the tumultuous journey portrayed in the film while adding a unique Die Tired twist to the narrative.”

“Need to Feed” promises to enthrall audiences with its brooding ambiance and robust sonic palette. Fans of moody grunge rock and devotees of “Good Time” will discover a compelling synergy between the film’s gripping visuals and Die Tired’s intense musical odyssey.

“Delving into a character’s relentless struggle to break free from dire circumstances, only to spiral further into darkness, was a theme I found particularly intriguing,” shares singer/guitarist Matt DeAngelis.

The single is now available on all major streaming platforms, inviting fans and music aficionados to immerse themselves in the moody rock vibes paying homage to a tale of redemption sought but endlessly elusive.

SOURCE: Official Bio