Soho Kings introduces you with rap and pop duo. The two aspiring musicians – rapper or DJ Celsius and producer or singer Bryce Alvord are making it big with all their fresh tracks. These two musicians have blended New York rap and pop melodies together. They have used heavy synth and sharp rhythm in an effort to create choruses of rock music. New tune of Soho Kings, “How you love Me Now” is decorated with all types of rap and hip hop accessories.

The two artists have amazing chemistry. They continuously complement each other with different qualities. Soho Kings rap or EDM make listeners keep tuned for long hours. Soho Kings fully grasp the feelings and emotion of their listeners, and hence, they add a relatable texture to make the listeners understand the whole story.

The official launching of this new song has made a quality hit in soundcloud. After the final release of “The climb”, Soho Kings is gaining high praise and preferences from their fans and followers. These two musicians have toured the nation. Their live performances appeal to attention of hundreds. Just within few hours of “How you like Me Now” release, Soho Kings is becoming the most demanded rap celebrity in all venues of NYC.

Celsius and Bryce Alvord both the singers hope to be the most wanted international voice. Enthusiasts can get to know them higher after paying attention to their new song “How you love Me Now”. Youths are steered to hear Soho Kings’ fresh urban rap tracks to energize the mood. Also, it can change your interest toward hip hop! Soundcloud is overloaded with the fan count of Soho Kings. If you want to expertise the fresh contemporary track, then you must log in today. To get more fresh tracks, get connected with them in facebook, youtube, twitter, instagram and mixtape.