Daily Dose: Chris Glover - WrongChris Glover is an American singer, songwriter and producer that hails from Macon, Georgia. He also grew up in Miami, Florida and lived in Chicago, Illinois for a period of time.

Though predominantly pop-based, Chris’s sound has evolved to incorporate elements of other musical genres that have influenced and inspired him. His new single Wrong is an atmospheric mix of electronica, dance, and trap music. “It is really a culmination of styles,” he says.

Wrong is a bit of a departure from Chris Glover’s last release, his 2013 debut EP No One Like Me. “ The first EP I put out, No One Like Me was just a few songs that were close to my heart,” he says. “I initially set out to be a songwriter but I was encouraged by my music mentor to release the songs as an artist.”

Chris spent the next three years studying music production, following charts and music trends, and finding his own unique musical style.

“I feel like now I am completely prepared. This new music is a perfect representation of who I am and what I have learned as an artist.”

SOURCE: Official Bio