While logging onto my Official Facebook Fanpage June 29th, 9pm, I realized that I no longer had administrator access to the page.

Not knowing the cause of the problem, Dj HB Smooth had spent the majority of the day researching how this may have occurred and what, if anything, can be done about it. The page still exists. DJ HB SMooth researched some more and sent several support help emails to Facebook, but from what HB Smooth read it does not look like Facebook is of much help in situations like these.

“My Publicist told me after doing some research to see who had hacked the page. It was some guy named Ismail who hacked my page.” On his page he found a message that stated, “Guys I own another page, So please if you would like, help me with your like, thank you!” We tried reaching out to “Ismail” but he greeted us by blocking us.

HB Smooth took to Google and ended up finding some information from BlackBox who also had their page hacked. Facebook didn’t do anything for Blackbox until they reached out to the press.

Facebook has not been any help whatsoever in this hacking matter. It would be a lot easier if a verified facebook page had some kind of direct contact with Facebook.

Especially if an issue like this ends up happening.

I was encouraged to write this thanks to this.


SOURCE: Dj HB Smooth