Still at a very young age one might think there’s a lot of partying taking place while in fact, that’s not the case at all.

They concentrate on their music, and strive to maintain a professional appearance which is exactly what we are looking for. I always know if a band is going to make it by the amount of empty beer bottles next to the equipment.

Well, “In this case it was sweet tea, and sweet music!!!”

Check them out!!! 

A three piece cover band covering the song’s that will make you sing along, and tap your toes at the same time!!! 

“We play the songs people want to hear!”

“Our catalog consists of classic rock along with plenty of other alternative, dance, hip hop, punk, and blues hits.”


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About Johnny Naylor:
author-naylor-smJohnny Naylor is the founder and owner of 1st Shot Music and a feature writer for Jammerzine. His work can also be found on 1st Shot Music and Naylor’s Notes. You can also get his latest updates on his facebook page.