DNJNBBY has released her new single titled ‘see u cry’. Dance meets demeanor, or injecting a little vulnerability on the dance floor. However you may mean it or hear this song as it plays, there is a subtle composure in DNJNBBY’s vocal and the way the song lingers in the background. Not trying to dominate. Not trying to immerse you in whatever. The song just is. Let’s it speak for itself and never waivers.

Sometimes the meaning is in the nuances.

About ‘see u cry’

DNJNBBY returns, revealing a fresh dimension to her artistry through her new single, ‘see u cry’. The track unveils a captivating paradox, blending irresistible dance beats with vulnerable lyricism that explores themes of heartbreak and unrequited love. Featuring a compelling breakdown toward its conclusion, the song evokes the sensation of dancing in a club, attempting to erase the memory of an avoidant partner who showed little regard.

DNJNBBY teamed up with producer Fustin to craft the track, infusing it with rich synth layers and a pulsating techno rhythm. She reflects on the song’s meaning, expressing, “I wrote this about my breakup, and in a way, it was the sense of closure I never got from my ex. I had to give myself that closure because I knew he was never going to give it to me.” DNJNBBY hopes listeners who’ve grappled with the challenging dynamics of being with a partner characterized by solemnity, absence, and avoidance find representation and validation through this track.

Marrying the infectious rhythms of dance-pop with the raw emotion of a heart-wrenching breakup anthem, “see u cry” incorporates elements reminiscent of artists such as Kim Petras, Tinashe, and PinkPantheress. Listeners can anticipate a 2024 filled with DNJNBBY’s evolution and are encouraged to stay tuned as she prepares to unveil more captivating layers to her artistry throughout the year.


The perfect mix of sugar, spice, and chaos, DNJNBBY is an already seasoned artist introducing herself to the world in 2023. Having grown up a musician, DNJNBBY has been making music for years and made the decision to start taking her craft more seriously in 2020. This LA based artist is bold, sassy, and knows exactly who she is. Her love for electro pop and R&B shines brilliantly in her own work, and her mission to empower women, the LGBTQIA+ community, and to destigmatize mental illnesses like BPD is a core aspect of her artist identity.

In 2023, listeners got to know her after her debut single, “Lobotomize Me,” and her follow-up singles, “NOT UR DNJNBBY” and “Do It to Me” available now. Keep an eye out as DNJNBBY makes a comeback in 2024, presenting tracks that will provide listeners with a fresh perspective on her artistry.