DOPETHRONE has today released their new video for the track titled ‘Uniworse’ from their upcoming album ‘Broke Sabbath’ dropping this spring via Totem Cat Records.

My first thought is how the fuck could you not love this band? Look at the effing picture! But that was the first thing I saw. The video is an absolute opus of debauchery and violence in such a way that you can’t unglue your eyes. Think Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky (Youtube it HERE) . If you’re into that sort of thing, you won’t be disappointed. This literally amps that up a notch. The outside of the box thinking and innovation that went into the video alone is worth a lifetime of loyal fanship. But the real star is the track. A glorious gateway drug for what is about to come, ‘Uniworse’ is dystopia as dialect and a dark mirror in the face of the world, with a shard in it’s eye.


Dopethrone is a three-piece band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Active since 2008, this DIY gang encompasses the bleakness of black metal, the steadfastness of New Orleans-style sludge, and a heavier-than-thou doom mentality. The riffs are thick, punishing, suffocating and destructive, with lyrics based on self-destruction, murder, cannabis and sleazy drug abuse. The band refers to their music as “Slutch”, the Canadian term for cold sludge or dirty mud snow. They once described it as “frozen sludge, snow covered in crackhead diarrhea, blood, tears and broken dreams”.

After their second release “Dark Foil” (2011), Dopethrone started drawing some attention and were invited by Voivoid to play Roadburn Festival in 2012. They since haven’t stopped growing their audience in Europe, their adoptive land. Since their formation, Dopethrone has released five studio albums as well as some collaborations with other artists, and have regularly toured Europe and Canada.

After a series of tours in 2019, Dopethrone has retreated to focus on the “delicate” baking of their sixth studio release. This new album entitled “Broke Sabbath” will be released in the spring of 2024 through French independent label Totem Cat Records, followed by shows in North America and Europe.

Whenever the world thinks Dopethrone has finally disappeared, be sure that Canada’s filthiest heavy trio is rustling up something evil in the dark corners of their twisted minds… The beast has awakened and it’s now ready to deliver maximum levels of grim, fuzz and fun with their sixth studio album “Broke Sabbath”, a noxious 7-tracker recorded by long-time collaborator Jean-Baptiste Joubeaud and coated with copious amounts of asphyxiating sonic density thanks to mastering from Brad Boatright.

About the album, the band says: “We went full ‘Volume 4’ on this one. The last few years have been thought for the underground, we swam against a tsunami of nonsensical bullshit and still managed not to drown. It’s just like a stew, we all know that the scum always rises to the top… And here we are! We decided to turn up the ‘not giving a fuck’ knob to 11, stepped out of our rusty dumpster, gave it a spit-shine and lit the fucker on fire. We went ‘full DIY’ on the cover artwork. We grabbed a shit-ton of Hochelaga alley dirt, junk, slutch and dumped it on our saloon floor, made a concoction of ‘fake’ blood and proceeded to surgically etch the Dopethrone logo on this stinking putrid pile. We also made all our videos with no budget and full dedication. Passion is known to exceed the norms of expectation, but we’re not passionate, we’re obsessed, so you better buckle up.”

Dopethrone 2024 shows

  • 19.04 – Victoria, BC – Wicket Hall
  • 20.04 – Vancouver, BC – Green Auto
  • 21.04 – Kelowna, BC – Jackknife Brewery
  • 22.04 – Nelson, BC – The Royal
  • 24.04 – Edmonton, AB – The Buckingham
  • 25.04 – Calgary, AB – Modern Love
  • 26.04 – Regina, SK – The Exchange
  • 27.04 – Winnipeg, MB – Handsome Daughter
  • 07.08 – Warsaw (PL) Hydrozagadka
  • 08.08 – Jaroměř (CZ) Brutal Assault Fest
  • 09.08 – Waldmunchen (DE) Void Fest
  • 10.08 – Seelbach (DE) Hoflärm Festival
  • 11.08 – Basel (CH) Quarterdek
  • 13.08 – Nijmegen (NL) Merleyn
  • 14.08 – Berlin (DE) Neue Zukunft
  • 15.08 – Hamburg (DE) Hafenklang
  • 16.08 – Copenhagen (DK) Stengade