Elrose has today premiered her new single titled ‘No More Games’ via Sony Music. A clear evolution from her previous two singles, this singer/songwriter from Cyprus is making a clear take for the world and another step up the ladder in her personal evolution of revolution.

As the song starts an progresses, there is a slow burn for the meaning of the lyrics done in a way that showcases the words and highlights the vocals. Not so much that type of music that gets in the way of the lyrics, but more of a symbiotic relationship between the two as they complement and contrast each other as the song chugs along at it’s own pace. Stellar songwriting matched with a future legend.

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About Elrose

Elrose is a new and exciting talent from Cyprus. Born to a Cypriot father and English mother Elrose discovered her love Of performing at an early age singing in shows and taking singing lessons.

Elrose then joined a band “grounded” and performed in bars, clubs and festivals in Cyprus.

In 2016 Elrose performed for a year in Dubrovnik (Croatia) as part of an acoustic duo.

Elrose then took 5 years away from music and only after a chance meeting with Pete Denton (J67) led to a jam session that re-ignited her love for music.

Elrose recorded her debut single “Stupid” in January 2023 at Blind Dog Records in Cyprus. Her career is now beginning to take off with “Stupid” reaching No 2 in the iTunes chart in Cyprus and is gaining popularity day by day on Spotify.

2023 is beginning to look like a very exciting year for this new Artist.