Dust Mice has released their new video for their latest single titled ‘Archimedes Death Ray’, from the band’s highly anticipated upcoming album, ‘Room Within A Room’, set to be released on January 26 via Epictronic. Like a sordid yet introspective trip through a complicated mind, Dust Mice show their lineage in splendid fashion with hints of multiple decades filtered through true originality as a gateway drug for the set of songs yet to come.

This is a beautifully crafted track, to say the least, primed with nostalgia and that signature sound that Dust Mice are well known for. Added to that the weariness and lessons learned from life and anticipation of the future and you have everything a song is meant to be.

About Dust Mice

Dust Mice started in a cramped practice space in the Pacific Northwest with the intent to create a sound and vision of psych-tinged space rock. In the following years, they released 2 EPs (Dust Mice, Moon Fetus), and their first full-length album (Earth III).

Room Within A Room is their 2nd album; recorded over the course of 2022 as they put the shards of pandemic-shattered lives back together. Although Dust Mice has developed their own distinct sound, they always return to their influence from the true Masters of the Universe, and at Hawkfest ’22 Dust Mice had the honor of sharing the stage with Hawkwind.

Tragically, original drummer Zane Graham left this realm on his own cosmic journey at the end of 2022. The songs on Room Within A Room are his final recordings with Dust Mice; a summation of his time in the band and a lasting legacy of his contributions.

Dust Mice are currently writing material for their next album and continue to perform live, regularly in the Seattle area.