T.S. Monaghan is a unique musician based in Atlanta, GA, who has been garnering recognition in the scene with his unique blend of rock, folk, and heavy metal influences. With two EPs, “Free Spirit” and “Escape From Chimera,” and two captivating singles, “Hurts To Love You” and “Movin On,” T.S. Monaghan has been steadily building a dedicated fanbase.

As a multi-talented artist, T.S. Monaghan showcases his skills as a guitarist, bassist, and vocalist, bringing a dynamic and captivating sound to his music. His songs have a distinct rock and folk orientation, but he isn’t afraid to explore the realms of heavy metal, adding an extra layer of intensity to his sound.

Listeners often describe T.S. Monaghan’s music as a breath of fresh air, with a sound that is both unique and reminiscent of the golden era of rock. Drawing comparisons to legendary acts like Pink Floyd, Muse, and Eddie Vedder, highlights the depth and quality of his compositions.

SOURCE: Official Bio